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Spirit Reborn featuring Unspoken Word

A Three Part Journey. Featuring original poetry from New Jersey, Charlotte and Baltimore.

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Film Industry Intro Tips for 1st Time Screenwriters and Filmmakers:

Step 1 Go to the library or buy books on agents. Two of the best are "The Guide to Literary Agents" and "The Agents Directory." Both of these books are published annually—make certain you get the most recent edition of both books. You can also go online and enter in "script agents" into the search bar. Step 2 Look for agencies that accept your script's genre. For example, if your script is a horror film, look for agents that like horror. Step 3 Choose those agencies that are newer and are just beginning to establish their agencies—-something you can tell by reading the descriptions given in the books. These agencies are hungry and are more willing to work with inexperienced screenwriters, thereby growing their client list. Of the agencies that are more established, make certain you list the ones who are taking submissions and are willing to accept scripts from new screenwriters. Step 4 Check the credits of the movies you like for the screenwriter. Contact the Writers Guild of America, either online or by calling them, to learn the name of the agent who represents the screenwriter. Step 5 Attend a writers conference. These can be excellent places to not only learn more about agents, since you get to actually interact with them, but you can learn what an agent is looking for. Step 6 Arrange your list in the following fashion: those agencies located in Los Angeles or Hollywood at the top of the list, those just outside LA and Hollywood, and on until you include the agencies located in New York. Step 7 Check all of the script agents on your list against those listed through the Writer's Guild of America. The WGA provides a list which is updated bi-monthly on its website. If one of the agencies on your list is not included in the WGA site, do not send your script to that agency. Step 8 Send out the query letters beginning with the ones in LA and Hollywood. Sending out ten letters at a time is a good start. Should a rejection letter come back, send out another query letter to the next agency on your list.


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